9 questions you need to know before buy stone bath tubs

Stone Bath tubs is a unique bath tubs beautiful your unique bathroom.
Here is introducing how to choose a stone tubs.All information about the stone bath tubs is here.

1.Stone bath tubs materials.

Materials affect the look and feel of bath tubs and stone bath tubs usually are quite heavy that it is more difficult to replace them, so it really is worthy of checking what stone materials are available for bath tubs, so you can be happy with your decision for many years to come.

Stone bath tubs are available in granite, marble, onyx, travertine, limestone, sandstone. rustic granite bath tub
Granite is the solidest one among all stone materials and it usually won’t have a great variation in color and veining as marble. So the granite is usually use for outside bath tub.Like river cobble tubs.

natural stone river cobble bath tubs 

marble is soft and will make you feel warmly.Marble color is more fantastic than granite.

white marble bathtubs
Most onyx materials is translucents that the light could go through it.
For more details of the materials available, you could check the link: Stone Bath tubs color categories

2.What is the shape, size and weight of bath tub?

All stone bath tubs are carved from one solid piece of stone and they are handmade into any shape and sizes you are looking for, just as round, square, oval, etc. Most stone blocks are very large and it is easy to get a stone bath tubs more than 200CM long but you need to consider the weight. The stone bath tubs usually would be heavier than the other materials, which ranges from 500kgs to 1000kgs, depends on the shape and sizes. 

3.How to cut a stone bath tub from a big stone?

We need to choose the best quality block from our yard or the market after the order is placed and cut the block into size required for the bath tub ordered. You can see from following pictures how we cut a stone bath tubs from a very big stone block. This stone block weights about 25 tons and it takes one whole day to the your stone bah tubs from this stone.

stone tubs cut stone blocks

stone tubs cut stone blocks

4.How to carve a stone bath tub?

One stone tub need a skill worker at least one week to carve the shape you want. Check the following pictures, you can know how wonderful bath tub come from a skilled craftman.

craving a stone tub

5.How to polish a stone tubs?

Stone bath tubs are large items that we usually would have two Huian ladies polish it at the same time, in order to finish the bath tub ASAP. It still takes 3-5 days to polish it inside and outside.

Huian lady is famous worldwide for working hard. Huian city is also called carving city in China.

We have a wonderful human ladies   polished bath tubs videos in instagram if you interested please click the instagram links: Polish the stone bath tubs 

huian lady polish stone tub

6.How to pack a stone bath tub?

Stone bathtubs need to pack in a solid wooden crate individually and delivered to the port by truck to consolidate with other items to fill the container if you just need one bathtub. We also could load the container at our factory directly if the order would be enough for one full container. It is safe to ship stone bath tubs by LCL shipment in that way and our woonden crate is strong enough to protect your tub. See the following pictures to see how we pack your great tubs.

7.How to ship a stone tub?

We could ship a stone tub overseas by air or by ocean. The cost for shipping a stone tub by air usually would be very higher, even more expensive than the bathtub itself, so we usually would recommend ocean shipping if you don’t need it urgently.

8.How to move a stone bathtub to your home?

You either could move the stone bathtub on the rolling dolly inside the bathroom if your house is already finished or lower it from the roof by crane if the house is just half finished. You could have your builders leave part of the roof off if you decide to go with marble bathtub, granite bathtub or travertine bathtub, so it could be lowered in by crane, which should be the easiest way of moving the stone bathtub inside the bathroom.

move stone tub

1.Check the bathroom floor to verify it is stable and strong enough to support the weight of the tub when it is full of water. Typically, the floor must support a minimum of 1,400 pounds. Then slide a level across the floor to ensure there are no low spots in the tub area.


move stone tubs 2 2.Inspect the tub upon delivery. Look for cracks, damage to the finish or any other blemishes that interfere with the operation of the tub. Contact the manufacturer or shipping service in regard to damages.

3.Test the tub while it is still outside of your home by filling it with water. Look for leaks around the sides of the tub. Watch the bottom of the tub for bubbles. If bubbles form on the bottom of the tub, that is an indication that air is coming in from underneath. It is a sign of damage to the tub and requires replacement or repair.

4.Measure the tub to determine how it will best fit through doorways. Remove doors from hinges as needed to bring the tub into the house.

5.Clear the path from the delivery truck to the bathroom. Move obstacles out of the path as needed, including taking pictures off the wall.

6.Turn the water off to the tub pipes. Use the shut-off valve behind the access panel or on the wall. Remove any old faucets or damaged pipes.

7Lay a piece of cardboard in the bottom of the tub. Leave any protective film on the outside of the tub. Set the tub on an appliance dolly, secure the straps around it and move it to the bathroom. Gently lower the tub into the installation area.

9.How to mantain a stone tub?

Routine care could make sure to remain the bathroom stone bathtubs in good condition, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort and won’t cost you much. It is important that you scrub and dry the surface of the bath gently after every use, which prevent mineral or soap scum accumulating on the surface, leaving it unsightly and possibly discoloring the stone.


 This articles is written by  Zoey and Amanda.Zoey and Amanda have been working in sunshine stone for  more than 15 years.So they  has a awesome experience  on stone bath tubs.

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